I am native to the suburbs of Chicago, but have spent the past decade in Lincoln, Nebraska, located on the east-central edge of the Great Plains Region of North America. Living here is not for everyone. Most people avoid the region, hence it carrying the name “Fly Over Country.” Its terrain is the embodiment of austerity, and I like to think this has somehow allowed me to have a slower and more deliberate life. It has definitely allowed me to hone my long-distance cycler skills.

Roadrüster is a travel by bike blog that I created to document my bicycle travels. I have been hooked on this form of travel since 2010, when I attempted to ride a Surly Long Haul Trucker from my home in Lincoln to a park located 100 miles away along the Missouri River. My current endeavor is to attempt to ride from the state of Nebraska to the bottom of South America.

Preparing for long-term bike rides is always a complicated project that I seem to forget and underestimate. It requires an exhaustive attention to detail, thorough contemplation of intent, flexibility and curiosity, and most importantly, the desire to escape from my comfort zone.